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Rush Drill and Tool Grinders are designed to reduce holemaking expenses by allowing users to quickly and accurately regrind their tools to the proper geometry whenever it is needed.

The Rush drill and tool grinders incorporate versatility, rapid set-up and accuracy into rugged and affordable machines.

Our unique design features point splitting and web thinning capability and allows for quick grinding of almost any HSS or carbide drill point.

Stepdrills, taps, reamers, countersinks and end mill ends are easily ground with minimal set-up changes.

The Rush Machinery Grinders drill point capabilities include: standard drill point grinding, point thinning, split point, web thinning, spiral point, lip correction, sheet metal point, structural steel point, double angle, four-facet, flat-bottom, and plastic point.

The Rush machines handle: parabolic flute drills, slow and fast spiral drills, left-hand tools, step tools, center drills, taps, reamers, countersinks, end mills and counterbores, carbide and carbide-tipped tools, and core drills.

All of the models feature ruggedly constructed dovetail ways with adjustable tapered gibs. They are covered by accordion or metal covers. The traverse way has an adjustable stop. The infeed and traverse feed handwheels are graduated in thousandths of an inch or metric increments.

The grinding spindle assembly incorporates permanently lubricated and sealed ball bearings. The spindle shaft has a standard tapered end to minimize run out, which is a particular advantage when using diamond or CBN grinding wheels.

The workhead uses needle bearings throughout, with the exception of the main spindle, which uses a high precision rotary-linear ball bearing to ensure a maximum deflection of less than .00015” (.004mm). Tools are held precisely in a self-centering, six-jaw chuck (other types of work holders are available). The chuck covers the entire range and ensures that the cutting lips are ground equally in both angle and height to produce an accurate point. The workhead uses hardened cams and shafts and the cam change takes only five seconds. When no cams are in place, it can be used to spin grind or index grind (12 positions).
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