"We’ve purchased multiple machines!"

Matthew Wilsey, President New York State Tool

“NYST has purchased multiple machines (2 coolant systems with chillers & 1 wheel dresser) from Rush over the past few years and we couldn’t be happier. The coolant systems honestly do a better job of filtration than the other two brands we have and the dresser has saved countless hours truing wheels. We have also had the Rush retrofit one of our other coolant systems with new pump configuration. The design and installation went perfectly.”

"I had the good fortune to speak to Bill."

Deric Moore, Resident Machinist Industrial Cutting Tool

“I contacted Rush Machinery with an issue I was having with a re-sharping countersink project I had been working on. It was my good fortune to speak with Bill with my questions. His knowledge was superb and helped me confirm I was heading in the right direction with my theories as to why I was having such difficulty with re-sharping our countersinks. Please extend my thanks to him. The manual he recommended helped immensely… and has up and running more cost effectively now.”

"I wish I bought Rush’s Wheel Truer much sooner!"

Marcus Young, owner Acu Twist

“After I bought my first grinding machine, I wanted a truer, but couldn’t justify the cost. The same justification problem was true after I bought my second grinder. Just before buying my third grinder I bought the Rush Machinery Wheel Truer and found myself wishing I had bought it much earlier. It saves me time and money. My grinding wheels last so much longer than before and my results are better and more consistent.”