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Grinding Wheel – Dual Grit Medium (60 grit on face, 70 grit on OD) Aluminum Oxide

11225Drill Holder Assembly w/ 3/4″ Master Collet$650.00
1AFACA0000Web Splitting Assembly$690.00
1AFCA00002Dust Plug Assembly-Web #3$39.00
1AFPB00000Drill Holder Assembly with 9/16″ Master Collet #3$650.00
1AFPB00001Handwheel and Draw-In Spindle Assembly$165.00
1AFPB00002Wing Cam Assembly w/Set Screws$375.00
1AFSP00002Dust Plug Assembly – Drill Stand #3$39.00
1AFTH00000Locator Assembly -HSS$882.00
1AFTP00000Locator Assembly – Cobalt$882.00
21148Felt Washer for Dust Plugs$13.00
216599/16″ OD Bushing </= 1/2″ /12.5 mm & Letter & Numbers$32.00
216603/4″ OD Bushing >1/2″/12.5 mm$36.00
2AFCA11300Web Splitter Sleeve Assembly$159.00
2AFPB22800Spindle, 1-1/8″ OD$195.00
2AFPB231009/16″ Master Collet #3$225.00
2AFPB2320047/64″ Master Collet$145.00
2AFPB239003/4″ Master Collet$145.00
2AFSP30200Pivot Pin$21.00
2AFSP30500Clearance Cam Screw$13.00
2AFSP30600Taper Pin$45.00
2AFSP30900Clearance Cam-Std. HSS$159.00
2AFSP31500Clearance Cam – Cobalt (LESS)$159.00
2AFSP31800Sleeve – 1-1/8″ ID$85.00
2AFSP31900Swinging Arm #3$325.00
2AFSP37800Clearance Cam – Parabolic (MORE)$159.00
2AFTC02100Triple Locator Mount$128.00
2AFTH26800Locator Bit #68$100.00
2AFTH26900Locator Bit #69$100.00
2AFTH27000Locator Bit #70$100.00
2AFTH27100Locator Bit #71$100.00
2AFTH27200Locator Bit #72$100.00
2AFTH27300Locator Bit #73$100.00
3AFET00900Cover Plate – Cobalt (Blue)$14.00
3AFET01000Cover Plate – Parabolic (Red)$14.00
3AFET28900Cover Plate HSS – Black$14.00
3TAMV29300Spring-Drill Stand$17.00

1A1R Cut-Off Wheel – 120 Grit Diamond – R Grade Copper bond.


1A1R Cut-Off Wheel – 120 Grit Diamond – P Grade Copper bond.


1A1R Cut-Off Wheel – 120 Grit Diamond – R Grade


1A1R Cut-Off Wheel – 120 Grit Metal Bond Wheel


1A1R Cut-Off Wheel – 80 Grit Diamond – R Grade Copper bond.


1A1R 8″ X .050″ X 3/4″ CBN 120R100B1/4″ 1-1/2″ DOC.


Chamfering Wheel – 150 Grit. Diamond Plated


Chamfering Wheel – 45 Degree 150 Grit Diamond for Carbide


Cutting Wheel – 150 Grit


Chamfering Wheel – 70 Degree 150 Grit Diamond for Carbide

P01001Base, Workhead$400.00
P01002Handle, Workhead Base$19.00
P01003Scraper, Way Elastomer – 4″$9.00
P01004Scraper, Way-Clamp$9.00
P01005Screw, Machine-Way Wiper$2.00
P01006Handle, Locating Pin w/ Knob$12.00
P01007Pin, Locating$19.00
P01008Arm, Oscillating$45.00
P01009Stud, Arm Locking$19.00
P01011Set Screw$2.00
P01012Screw, Hex Soc. Hd. Cap M6x30$2.00
P01013Workhead Locking Lever (Models 250, 252, 380, 382)$25.00
P01014Ball, Register Pin w/Handle$16.00
P01015Lockout Register Pin$25.00
P01016Rod, Locking Handle$9.00
P01017Nut, Oscillation Lock$35.00
P01018Ball, Locking Handle$10.00
P01019Screw, Hex Hd. Cap (M6x20)$2.00
P01020, P01021, P01022Nut, Bearing, Rod Assembly$79.00
P01023Spacer, Washer$9.00
P01024Post, Pivot$85.00
P01025Clamp, Tube, Pivot (Set)$25.00
P01026Washer, Thrust Bearing (25mm)$7.00
P01027Bearing, Needle Thrust (25mm)$15.00
P01028Screw, Soc. Hd. Cap M5x25$2.00
P01029Pivot Block$15.00
P01030Pivot Pin$9.00
P01032Lever, Cam Driven$59.00
P01034Screw, Adj. Br. Tip-OBS. not need
P01035Nut, Hex Lock – Obsolete Not Needed$3.00
P01036Bushing, Register Pin$19.00
P01037Handle, Crank w/ P01039$19.00
P01038Screw, Flat Hd. Hex Soc.$2.00
P01039See P01037 – Arm, Crank
P01040Screw, Hex Soc. Cap M5x18$2.00
P01041Bearing, Radial Needle (16×12)$19.00
P01042Brg. Housing-Flanged Bushing$19.00
P01043See P01301 – Cover, Workhead
P01044Block, Crank$25.00
P01045Screw, Hex Soc. Cap M5x10$2.00
P01046Dowel, Spring Pin-1/8″$2.00
P01047Gear, Drive & Cam$59.00
P01048Screw, Socket Head Cap (M5x14)$2.00
P01049Race, Thrust Bearing (20mm)$6.00
P01050Thrust Bearing-Cam Shaft (20mm)$15.00
P01051Needle Bearing Shaft (20 x 16mm)$19.00
P01052Shaft, Crank$32.00
P01053Spring, Thrust$13.00
P01054Washer, Thrust (17mm)$6.00
P01055Bearing, Needle Thrust (17mm)$14.00
P01056Brg., Radial HDL (16 x 16mm)$25.00
P01057Bearing, Cam Follower$25.00
P01058Brg., Pin M6x14mm$5.00
P01059Fork, Cam Follower Bearing$35.00
P01060Screw, Hex Soc. Hd. Cap-Wkhd.$2.00
P01061Screw, Drive No. 2$2.00
P01062Pointer, Relief Setting$5.00
P01063ALatch Block$39.00
P01064Screw, Soc. Hd. Cap$2.00
P01065Latch Pin$5.00
P01066Lever Arm$9.00
P01067Latch, Index$25.00
P01068Spring, Detent Plunger$8.00
P01069Bushing, Plunger$45.00
P01070Detent Plunger$30.00
P01071Screw, Set, Spindle Gear Ring$2.00
P01072Ring, Thread Gear Drive w/P01074$125.00
P01073Screw, Ring Set M4x10$2.00
P01074See P01072 – Gear, Drive
P01075Washer, Thrust Brg. (65mm)$19.00
P01076Brg., Needle Thrust (65mm)$69.00
P01077Spring, Hollow Spindle$45.00
P01078Bearing, Outer Race Bushing$175.00
P01079Brg., Rotalin Ball Assy.$195.00
P01080Stylus, Push$19.00
P01081Ring, Seal$27.00
P01082Ring, Relief Adj.$149.00
P01083Lever, Detent Ring Adj. w/Knob$15.00
P01084See P01901 – Spindle, Main Hollow
P01085Brg., Needle Thrust (85mm)$125.00
P01086Washer, Thrust Brg. (85mm)$45.00
P01088Chuck, 6 Jaw – Models 250/252$975.00
P01089Screw, Hex Soc. Cap (Chuck)M8x65$3.00
P01090Wrench, Chuck$19.00
P01094Screw, Soc. Hd. Cap (M5 X 18)$2.00
P01095Screw, Soc. Hd. Cap (M6 X 16)$2.00
P01096Washer, Flat (M6 Hd. – Set of 2)$2.00
P01097Swivel Block-Pt Setting Mount$39.00
P01099Thumb Screw (M5 X 12)$9.00
P01102Socket Head Cap Screw – M5x20$2.00
P01103Shaft, Cam (Small)$105.00
P01104Gear, Drive & Crank$65.00
P01252See P01278 – Cover, Workhead
P01253Fork, Follower Brg. (Cam)$45.00
P01254Fork, Follower Brg. (Cam 2)$45.00
P01255Gear, Large Cam$95.00
P01256Shaft, Cam (Large)$125.00
P01260Set Screw$2.00
P01261Locating Pin – Point Setting Blade$12.00
P01262Cover Washer – Setting Blade Asby Brgs.$12.00
P01263Washer/Race, Thrust, Setting Blade (10mm)$5.00
P01264Bearing, Thrust Setting Blade (10mm)$12.00
P01265O’Ring Seal – Point Setting Blade Assembly$6.00
P01266Spacer Pt. Set. (Old)$18.00
P01268Scraper, Way – Elastomer – 3″$7.00
P01269Scraper – Way Clamp$8.00
P01270O’Ring Seal, Pivot Post$6.00
P01272Snap Ring, Pivot Post$3.00
P01273Grease Fitting$6.00
P01275Race (35mm), Pivot Post$9.00
P01276Bearing (35mm)$25.00
P01277Bearing, Bronze Bushing$75.00
P01279Base, Register Pin$125.00
P01281Nut, Hex – Pivot Post$4.00
P01283Screw, Hex Soc Cap M5 x 25$2.00
P01284Post, Point Setting Blade Assembly – 250 Series$25.00
P01285Screw Soc Hd Cap$2.00
P01286Guide, Setting Blade$75.00
P01287See P0BL50 – Blade, Drill Pt. Setting
P01288Screw, Button Head (M4x10)$2.00
P01289Screw, Knurled Head (M4 x 8)$9.00
P01290Cover, Setting Blade$17.00
P01291Stop, Drill Pt. Flag$15.00
P01292Locating, Sprg Pin, Setting$18.00
P01293Spacer Pivot Post Asby.$18.00
P01294Belleville Washer$19.00
P01296Spring Setting Blade Assembly$4.00
P01297Ring Bearing Cover$25.00
P01298Side Cover Setting Blade$35.00
P01300Hex Nut (M6)$2.00
P01301Casting & Cover Housing W//H 250A w/G.Fit P01043$950.00
P01302O’Rings 4mm Thick x 52mm ID$7.00
P01303Screw Soc Hd. Cap (M6 x 20)$2.00
P01304Bar, Swing, Set BL, Post Support$30.00
P01359Chuck, 6 Jaw – 1.25 Bore – 132$850.00
P01706Coupling Half – Heavy Duty$20.00
P01707UJoint, Rubber Coupling – H.D. Urethane$29.00
P01743L. Screw w/Nut 4072, End Machine – Models 250 & 252$175.00
P01851Lower Pivot Post Spacer – 35mm$45.00
P01901W/H Spindle Disk w/P01084$450.00
P01902Pivot Bearing Cap$55.00
P02501Housing, Drive Alum. for Model 250A/380$116.00
P02502Housing, drive$116.00
P02503Housing, Drive (382)$116.00
P02504Pulley, Timing 1/2″ Bore$65.00
P02505Pulley, timing motor$70.00
P02506Pulley, Timing 16mm Bore$115.00
P02507Pulley, timing cam$125.00
P02508Belt, timing (Models 250A, 380)$16.00
P02509Belt, timing$19.00
P02510Belt, Timing$19.00
P02511Screw, hex socket, flat head$2.00
P02512Screw, hex socket, flat head$2.00
P02513Screw, hex socket$2.00
P02514Screw, hex socket$2.00
P02515Screw, hex socket, flat head$2.00
P02516Cover, Housing for Model 250A/380$93.00
P02517Cover housing$93.00
P02518Cover, Housing (382)$175.00
P02519Screw, socket head, cap$2.00
P02520Knob, knurled$55.00
P02521Screw, slotted, truss head$3.00
P02522Pneumatic Gearmotor Gast$1,150.00
P02523Disconnect plug, male 1/8 npt$7.00
P02524Disconnect, female 1/8 npt 45° stem$25.00
P02525Nipple, close, 3/8 npt
P02526Screws, round head, Phillips$2.00
P02527Rubber Grommets$2.00
P02531Fitting, male, 3/8 hose x 3/8 npt$7.00
P02532Hose 3/8 ID x 15 in$6.00
P02533Elbow, 90° street, 3/8 npt$13.00
P02534Valve, 3/8 flow control$165.00
P02535Nipple, Close, 3/8 NPT$5.00
P02536Valve, 4 way direct, 3/8 npt$595.00
P02537Muffler, 3/8 npt$14.00
P02538Elbow, 90, 3/8 npt$6.00
P02539Pipe, 3/8 npt, 27 in$39.00
P02540Nipple, 3/8 npt x 4in$5.00
P02541Pipe strap$1.00
P02542Fitting, female, 3/8 hose x 3/8 npt$9.00
P02543Hose, 3/8 ID x 38 in$11.00
P02544Hose, 3/8 ID x 12 in$5.00
P02545Bracket 4 way valve
P02546Bolt, hex head$1.00
P02548Fitting, male, 3/8 hose x 1/4 npt
P02549Fitting, male, 3/8 hose x 1/4 np
P02552Housing, Drive
P02553Belt, Timing (132C)$15.00
P02560Filter, regulator, lubricator assembly, 1/4 npt$245.00
P03002Chuck Key for Models 380/382$19.00
P03003Screw. Soc. Hd. Cap 3/8-16×3 3/16$3.00
P03005 Thrust Ring$195.00
P03008Dust Seal$30.00
P03013Rotolin Bearing$295.00
P03014Spring, Spindle$77.00
P03015Gear, Spindle w/ P03157 TH. Ring$195.00
P03031Lever, Cam Following$75.00
P03033Thrust Race, Spindle (100mm)$69.00
P03034Thrust, Bearing, Spindle (100mm)$165.00
P03040Gear, Idler$75.00
P03049Thrust Race, Spindle (110mm)$81.00
P03050Thrust, Bearing Spindle (110mm)$275.00
P03055Oscillation Bar$65.00
P03056Gear, Drive$75.00
P03058Drive Shaft$41.00
P03078Bushing, Main Spindle$275.00
P03086Bearing, Thrust-Pivot Post (50mm)$39.00
P03087Race, Thrust Bearing – Pivot Post (50mm)$15.00
P03095Post, Pt. Setting Blade$47.00
P03097Pt. Setting Blade Mount$65.00
P03098See P0BL80-Point Setting Blade
P03150Bearing Cover$85.00
P03151Ring Bearing Cover$30.00
P03152Pivot Clamp Tubes (*Set)$29.00
P03154Workhead Base$450.00
P03155Pin, Locating$18.00
P03156Handle, Locating Pin$11.00
P03158See P03160-Scraper, Way Elastomer
P03159 Clamp, Way Scraper (L.H.)$6.00
P03160Scraper, Way Elastomer – 2 1/2″$6.00
P03161Clamp, Way Scraper (R.H.)$6.00
P03162Nut, Spanner Lock – Pivot Post$19.00
P03163Spacer, Pivot Post Bearing$19.00
P03164Pivot Post$99.00
P03165Screw, Soc. Hd. Cap – Workhead Cover$2.00
P03166O’Ring Seal, Pivot Post$6.00
P03167Snap Ring, Pivot Post$3.00
P03168Set Screw$1.00
P04001Motor 1/2 Hp 115/230 Volt 60 Hz Single Phase$690.00
P04002Screw, Hex Hd. (M10 x 25)$2.00
P04003Washer, Lock M10$2.00
P04005FUnavailable. Please call for alternative part.
P04005GCoupling Half$38.00
P04006GJoint, Rubber Coupling$35.00
P04009Screw, Soc. Hd. Cap (M4 x 12)$2.00
P04010Flange, Ring (Motor Slide)$18.00
P04011Bearing, Ball (P06205)$49.00
P04012Cast, Grinding Head$428.00
P04013Nut, Hex (M10)$1.00
P04014Washer, Lock (M10)$1.00
P04015Bolt, T-Head 3/8″ x 1-1/2″$15.00
P04016Screw, Hex Soc. Hd. Cap (M6x20)$2.00
P04025Screw, Knurled Hd.$12.00
P04028Washer, Spring Bearing$6.00
P04029Flange, Ring (Whl. Slide) w/Instr.$25.00
P04030Screw, Hex Socket Flat Head – (M4 x 10)$2.00
P04036Nut, Hex – Spindle – Straight Spindle Only$15.00
P04037Washer, Lock$1.00
P04038Screw, Hex Socket Head Cap$2.00
P04039Casting, vert. column$428.00
P04040Screw, Hex Soc. Hd. Cap$2.00
P04041See P04048 – Nut w/Lead Screw
P04042Casting, Vert. Slide$184.00
P04043Casting, Screw Nut Block$45.00
P04044Screw, Hex Soc. Hd. Cap$2.00
P04045Gib. Taper, Vertical Slide (.498R6)$65.00
P04046Screw, Special Slotted Gib$9.00
P04047Screw, Hex$2.00
P04048Screw, Vertical Lead w/Nut (P04041)$149.00
P04049Key Shaft – Vertical Screw$2.00
P04050Plate, Vertical Slide End$32.00
P04051Washer, Lock$1.00
P04052Screw, Hex Soc. Hd. Cap$2.00
P04054Screw, Hex Soc. Hd. Cap$2.00
P04056Bearing, Ball Thrust w/Washers$39.00
P04057Ring, Spacer$11.00
P04058Wheel, Vertical Crank$70.00
P04059Washer, Flat$1.00
P04060Nut, Hex Elastic Stop$5.00
P04061See P04062 Hex Nut Handle – Vert. Travel
P04062Spindle, Crank Handle w/ P04061 & P04063 Screw, Hex Soc. Hd. Cap. Hand$19.00
P04063See P04062 Screw, Hex Soc. Hd. Cap. Hand
P04065Screw, Gib Take Up$12.00
P04066Screw, Soc. Head Cap (M5 x 25)$1.00
P04067Gib, Tapered Slide-Infeed-250/252 Models$79.00
P04067aGib, Tapered Slide-Infeed 380/382S$75.00
P04068aCasting, Center Slide 380/382S *Available only as part of P04184
P04069Gib, Tapered Slide-Traverse$79.00
P04071aCasting, Slide Base 380/382S *Available only as part of P04184
P04072See P01743 for Model 250, P01703 for Model 380
P04074Key, Infeed Lead Screw$6.00
P04075Set-Bearing w/ (2) Thrust Washers, 12mm$19.00
P04076Screw, Socket Head Cap (M5 x 18)$2.00
P04077See P04079
P04079Traverse Lead Screw, w/Nut P04077$195.00
P04080Key, Traverse Lead Screw$6.00
P04082Set-Bearing w/ (2) Thrust Washers,10mm$19.00
P04083End Plate$44.00
P04084Screw, Soc. Hd. Cap$2.00
P04086Feed Dial .002″ Grad. (Trav)$58.00
P04087Spring, Feed Dial$5.00
P04089Hand Wheel – Traverse Feed$95.00
P04091Nut, Elastic Lock$7.00
P04092Handle, Hand Wheel$19.00
P04093Screw, Button Head Hex. Soc.$2.00
P04094Infeed Cover/slide, Accordion Dust$95.00
P04096Screw, Soc. Hd. Cap$2.00
P04097Support, Lead Screw$95.00
P04098See P04082 – Set, Brg. w/ 2 washers (10mm)
P04099Feed Dial .001″ Grad (Infeed)$58.00
P04102Hand Wheel$58.00
P04102aSee P04089
P04105Handle, Hand Wheel – Infeed Handle 132 & 250 Series$25.00
P04105aSee P04092
P04106Ball Bearing Single Row Wide$139.00
P04111Bearing Ball (P06205)
P04118Housing Hinged Cover Wheel Guard$184.00
P04119See P04118 – Cover Wheel Guard
P04120Key, Motor End (5 mm)$10.00
P04121Drive Pin
P04122Plate, Reference Line$7.00
P04123Screw, Hex Soc. Hd. Cap$2.00
P04124Air Def. Wheel Guard w/ P04128 Mounting Block$50.00
P04125See P04120 – Key, Motor End (5 mm)
P04127Nameplate, Safety$5.00
P04128See P04124 – Mounting Block
P04129Screw, Hex Soc. Hd. Cap$1.00
P04131Angle Scale$18.00
P04132Plate, Reference Line$7.00
P04133Scale Spindle Height$14.00
P04136Motor 1 HP. 230/460V 3 Phase$650.00
P04137Cover, Flap, Lower Vertical$18.00
P04138Cover, Accordion Upper Vertical$95.00
P04139Ball Bearing, Double Row$135.00
P04140Shaft Grinding (Taper Nose)$250.00
P04142Spacer for In-Between Grinding Wheels
P04145Motor: 1/2 HP; 115/230V; 50/60 Hz; 1 Phase (Ocean Rejuvenator)$450.00
P04150Screw, Soc. Hd. Cap$2.00
P04152Oil Cup, Angle$12.00
P04153Plate – Reference Line$3.00
P04154See P01703 – Lead Screw w/ Nut (P04072)
P04155Feed Dial (.001″ Grad)$45.00
P04156Rear Way Cover$32.00
P04157Cross Slide Way Cover (Lower)$32.00
P04158Cross Slide Way Cover (Upper)$38.00
P04160Casting Slide Base *Available only as part of  P04107
P04161Casting Center Slide *Available only as part of P04107
P04162Casting Traverse Slide *Available only as part of P04107
P04324Screw Soc. Hd. Cap M6x10$1.00
P04326 Screw, Soc. Hd. Cap (M4X16)
P04328Screw, Socket Head Cap (M5x13)$1.00
P04329Screw, Socket Head Cap (Gear) M5x14$1.00
P04330Screw, Socket Head Cap (M5x16)$1.00
P04331Screw, Hex Socket Cap (M5x45)$2.00
P04332Screw, Socket Head Cap M6x25$2.00
P04333Shoulder Bolt (6mm x 50 Long)$9.00
P04334Screw Socket Head Cap M8x16$2.00
P04335Screw, Socket Head Cap (M8x25)$2.00
P04336Screw, Hex Socket Head Cap M8x60$3.00
P04338Screw, Hex Socket Head Cap (M8x20)$2.00
P04339Screw, Hex Socket Head Cap M8X35$2.00
P04341Socket Head Cap Screw (M6x35)$2.00
P04351Socket Head Cap Screw M6 x 50$2.00
P04373Socket Head Cap Screw – M5 x 15$1.00
P04375Socket Head Cap Screw – M5 x 8$1.00
P04392Nut – M6$1.00
P04414Screw, Button Head – M3 x 6$1.00
P04415132C Workhead Lock Lever (M8 x 50)$49.00
P04416Pin, Roll (5mm x 35)$2.00
P04417 Nut (M12 X 1.5) Nyloc$2.00
P04419Roll Pin 3mm x 30 Lg.$2.00
P04420Set Screw, M6 x 40$2.00
P04421Screw, Socket Head Cap 3/8-16×1 1/4$1.00
P04422Screw, Socket Head Cap – M6 x 20$1.00
P04424Set Screw – M4 x 20$1.00
P04425Shoulder Bolt – 5/16 Dia. x 3/4 Lg.$3.00
P05006Cam Follower Bearing Fork$39.00
P05009Screw, Gear to Spindle$1.00
P05016Spring, Drive Shaft$13.00
P05025Screw, Socket Head$2.00
P05029Stylus – 5.3mm$19.00
P05032Stud, Lockout Pin Handle$8.00
P05038Set Screw, Drive Gear$2.00
P05041Crank Block$35.00
P05045Block, Register Pin Mount$88.00
P05046Stud, Locking$16.00
P05047Spacer Bushing$15.00
P05048Shaft, Cam w/P05039 Pin$115.00
P05051Screw, Socket Head Cap$2.00
P05057See P01050
P05058See P01052
P05066Universal Joint$116.00
P05069Bar, Crank (Manual Machine)$19.00
P05071Screw, Handle$3.00
P05092See P01083 – Lever, Relief Plate
P05093See P01083 – Knob, Relief Plate
P05094Screw, Socket Head Cap – M5 x 25$2.00
P05102Main House Piv. Gre. Fit w/P05103$1,350.00
P05103Cover, Main Housing Extension Hose
P05105Bushing, Pivot Post$75.00
P05111Spindle, Workhead$695.00
P05112Chuck – 3.25 – 6 Jaws for Models 380/382S$1,295.00
P05201Lever, Cam Follower$135.00
P05205See P05211-Cover, Main Housing
P05206Cam Follower Bearing Fork (Cam 1)$49.00
P05207Cam Follower Bearing Fork (Cam 2)$49.00
P05208Gear, Large Cam$125.00
P05209Shaft, Large Cam$135.00
P05210Screw, Socket Head Cap$2.00
P05211Main Hous. Grea. Fit for Model 382 w/P05205$1,900.00
P06011Lever, Dual Cam Driven$80.00
P06013Tilt Arc Segment$175.00
P06014Plate, Arc Segment$88.00
P06016Gear, Cam – Small$65.00
P06017Dowel Pin Scale Pointer (5mm)$2.00
P06019132 Workhead Lock (Tilt) Lever – Back Lever – Large 10m$29.00
P06020Gear, Large Cam$95.00
P06021Spacer Clamp Lever$12.00
P06022Ring Threaded Dear Dr. w/P06023$95.00
P06023See P06022 – Gear, Hollow Spindle
P06024Washer, Thrust Bearing – 60mm$19.00
P06025Bearing Needle Thrust – 60mm$55.00
P06026Spring, Hollow Spindle$35.00
P06027Cover, Tilt Arc Segment$19.00
P06028Latch, Index$19.00
P06029Cage, Ball, Rotolin Bearing$150.00
P06030Race, Outer, Rotolin Bearing$150.00
P06031Seal Ring$18.00
P06032Ring, Relief Adj. Detent$125.00
P06033Spindle, Main Hollow w/ P06074$350.00
P06036Spring, Set Blade Assembly$15.00
P06037Belleville Washer$5.00
P06038Take Up Button$5.00
P06039Nut, Square – M6$7.00
P06041Tilt Arc Scale$7.00
P06045Washer – M8$1.00
P06050Casting Slide Base *Available only as part of P06122
P06051See P06052 – Nut
P06052Lead Screw – Infeed w/Nut (P06051)$149.00
P06053See P04079 – Nut
P06054See P04079 – Lead Screw
P06055End Plate$30.00
P06056Cover, Accordian Dust$75.00
P06057Support, Lead Screw Mount$30.00
P06059Gib Tapered Slide Infeed – 132C Models$75.00
P06060Casting, Center Slide *Available only as part of P06122
P06061Gib Tapered Slide Traverse$75.00
P06062Rear Way Cover$27.00
P06063Cross Slide Way Low. Cov. w/ P06106$38.00
P06065Machine Base
P06067Spark Shield$25.00
P06068Roll Pin Stop – M4$2.00
P06070Stop, Point Set Post$19.00
P06074See P06033 – Disc, Spindle
P06075Chuck Key – Model 132$14.00
P06078Cap, Pivot Bearings$23.00
P06079Spacer, Cover$10.00
P06080Bar, Post Support – Point Setting Assembly$21.00
P06083See P01083 – Lever, Detent Ring
P06103Shaft Grinding Taper Nose$210.00
P06104Casting Grinding Head – Taper Spin$350.00
P06105Casting Traverse Slice 132 A/C *Available only as part of P06122$428.00
P06106See P06063 – Cross Slide Way U Cover
P06109Base, Workhead$250.00
P06110Workhead Pivot Post Mount Block$75.00
P06111Disk, Angle Scale$62.00
P06112Post, Pivot (132C)$75.00
P06113Spacer Washer$8.00
P06114Angle Indicator$7.00
P06115Housing, Workhead$731.00
P06116Cover, Workhead$731.00
P06117Shaft, Idler$58.00
P06118Gear, Driving (16mm Bore)$65.00
P06119Shaft, Driving (16mm)$36.00
P06120Shaft, Large Cam$125.00
P06121See P06081 – Block, Pt Set Assembly
P06124Workhead Stop, Front$88.00
P06125Crossfeed Handwheel Handle – M8
P06126Mounting Block Rear W/H Stop
P06127Stop Bar Rear w/ H Stop
P06128Knurled Screw 5/16-18 x 3″
P06129Knurled Nut 5/16″ -18
P06130Post, Pt. Set Assembly$35.00
P06132Space, Pivot Post Assembly$15.00
P08054Block, Stop Hinge
P08055Traverse Button$15.00
P08056Hinge Bar
P08057Knurled Screw (3/8-16 x 3)
P08058Knurled Nut (3/8-16)
P08059Dowel Pin .25 x 1 3/4
P0BF01Balancing Flange – Must be used with taper hubs to allow balancing$79.00
P0BL80Replacement Point Setting Blade for Models 380/382$95.00

Drill Point Grinding / Splitting Wheel – 150 Grit CBN Electroplated


Grinding Wheel – 60 Grit CBN Electroplated


Grinding Wheel – 80 Grit CBN Electroplated


Grinding Wheel – 320 Grit CBN Electroplated

P0BP1980-1Replate charge for CBN wheel$295.00

Grinding Wheel – 180 Grit CBN Electroplated

P0BP1982-1RReplate charge for CBN wheel – Medium grit$295.00
P0BP1985-1Replate charge for BP1985 CBN Wheel$295.00

Structural Steel Point Drills Wheel – 100 Grit CBN Electroplated


Dish Wheel – 60 Grit Aluminum Oxide & Ceramic Blend


Dish Wheel – 150 Grit CBN


Dish Wheel – 150 Grit Diamond


Grinding Wheel – 400 Grit Diamond Electroplated

P0DP1981-1Replate Charge for BP1981 Diamond Wheel$295.00

Grinding Wheel – 220 Grit Diamond Electroplated

P0DP1983-1Replate Charge for PB1983 Diamond Wheel$295.00

Grinding Wheel – 150 Grit Diamond


Grinding Wheel – 150 Grit Diamond

P0MG02Magnifier for Standard Incandescent Lamp – 2x magnification$70.00

Grinding Wheel – 60 Grit on Face, 100 Grit on OD, Aluminum Oxide


Grinding Wheel – 60 Grit on Face, 100 Grit On OD, Aluminum Oxide


Main Grinding Wheel – 60 Grit Aluminum Oxide


Main Grinding Wheel – 100 Grit Aluminum Oxide


Main Grinding Wheel – 46 Grit Aluminum Oxide & Ceramic Blend


Standard Main Grinding Wheel – 60 Grit Aluminum Oxide & Ceramic Blend


Standard Main Grinding Wheel – 46 Grit Aluminum Oxide & Ceramic Blend


Main Grinding Wheel – 46 Grit Aluminum Oxide & Ceramic Blend


Open Grain Structure Main Grinding Wheel – 60 Grit Aluminum Oxide & Ceramic Blend


Point Splitting Wheel – 100 Grit Aluminum Oxide & Ceramic Blend

P0TH07Hub, Grinding Wheel
P0TH101 ” Taper Hub Std. (Includes Hub/Spacer/Washer/Nut) F/250A,252$165.00
P0TH10NS1″ Long Taper Hub – No Spacer (washer included) – Capacity 5/8″ to 1″ – …$169.00

Point Thinning Dish Wheel – 60 Grit Aluminum Oxide


Dressing Wheel- 80 Grit Aluminum Oxide


Dressing Wheel – 100 Grit Aluminum Oxide


Dressing Wheel -120 Grit Aluminum Oxide


Dressing Wheel – 150 Grit Aluminum Oxide


Dressing Wheel – 54 Grit Silicon Carbide


Dressing Wheel – 100 Grit Silicon Carbide


Dressing Wheel – 120 Grit Aluminum Oxide


Dressing Wheel – 120 Grit Aluminum Oxide


Dressing Wheel – 120 Grit Aluminum Oxide


Dressing Wheel – 220 Grit Silicon Carbide


Dressing Wheel – 320 Grit Silicon Carbide