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As an industry leader, Rush Machinery is your trusted manufacturer of top-notch precision grinding support equipment, offering a comprehensive suite of services to assist businesses in the maintenance and optimization of their grinding machines. Whether you require a replacement wheel, a complete machine rebuild, or expert technical support, our tailored solutions are designed to meet your specific needs.

Overview of Rush Machinery’s Services

For over 40 years, Rush Machinery has been a trusted source of top-quality grinding equipment. In addition to our line of proprietary products, we also offer replacement parts and servicing for both Rush equipment and select other brands.

Parts and Service for All Rush Machinery Equipment

No matter which machine you buy from us, you can feel confident it will provide a long and effective operating life with our part replacement services. In addition to stocking all machine parts, Rush Machinery equipment can be serviced at either our facility or yours. The machines we service and offer parts for include:

Other Machine Brand Replacement Parts

As well as carrying Rush Machinery brand parts, we also offer replacement components for numerous other leading brands, including:

Machine Servicing

Whether you’ve purchased your machine from us or one of our competitors, we can provide the servicing and maintenance required to keep your equipment in peak operating condition. We service the following brands:

  • Rush Machinery
  • Black Diamond Drill Grinders
  • 3M/GIDCO Truing and Dressing Machines

Grinding operations involve consumable parts and worn items that must be regularly replaced. The equipment itself also requires regular maintenance to keep it functioning correctly. Preventatively servicing your machines increases the efficiency and lifespan of your rotating equipment and prevents costly downtime caused by neglect. Rush Machinery can help keep your grinding equipment in optimal functioning order.

Rebuild and Retrofit Services

If you’re not looking to purchase a new grinding machine but require improved performance, we offer rebuilding and retrofit services. Our knowledgeable technicians can modernize and upgrade your existing grinding equipment to perform more efficiently and accurately. Extend the lifespan of your equipment with our prompt replacement and upgrading services.

Training and Technical Support Services

Rush Machinery is committed to helping you increase your productivity and minimize your business’s downtime. Our training and technical support services are designed to offer the knowledge you need to operate and maintain your grinding equipment effectively. You can browse through our drill and tool grinder training videos or get in touch with us about any technical issue you’re experiencing. We also offer in house training for your staff on any Rush Machinery product.

Services from Rush Machinery

From training to wheel balancing and part replacement, Rush Machinery offers everything your grinding operation needs to succeed. Our quality equipment and extensive service offerings are designed to help you grind better and increase your bottom line. For more information on the products and services we offer, contact our team today.