Replacement Components for 3M/GIDCO Truers

Vision System

WTM05093.    RushVision System w/ Camera & Optics Assembly
3M00026.        Light Pipe
3M03026.        Fiber Optic Illuminator – 120V
3M03027.        Ceramic Bulb Holder
P0RB01.          Replacement Bulb for Halogen Lamp (HL01 – Waldmann)
3M04001.        Clear Lens Protector (drop in type)
3M00006.        Light Reflector

Dressing Head

3M02009.      9″ Pneumatic Reciprocation Slide (Model E226)
3M02071.       13″ Pneumatic Reciprocation Slide (Models E228, E339)
3M02064.      Crossed Bearing Rail Set – 9″ overall slide
3M02078.      Crossed Rail Set – 13″ overall slide
3M02072.      Piston for 9″ Pneumatic Reciprocating Slide
3M02073.      Piston for 13″ Pneumatic Reciprocating Slide
3M02074.      Rubber Seals for 9″ & 13″ Pneumatic Reciprocating Slide
3M02075.      Brass Bushings for 9″ & 13″ Pneumatic Reciprocating Slide
3M02076.      Bellows for Pneumatic Reciprocating Slide – 50mm
3M02077.      Bellows for Pneumatic Reciprocating Slide – 100mm
3M02032.      Kinechek Extra Fast Valve – 0.937″ dia., 2″ stroke
3M02065.      Kinechek Extra Fast Valve – 1.25″ dia., 4″ stroke
3M02022.      Kinechek Dial
3M02033.      Kinechek Bellows/Rubber Boot
3M02070.      Pneumatic Valve Assembly (MMMF19971)

3M00009.       Inner Bearing (set of 2)
3M00012.       Outer Bearing (set of 2)
3M00010.       Protractor