Cut – Prepoint – Chamfer Machine


The CH-CM0406 CNC Cut-Prepoint-Chamfer Machine is designed for converting full length, blank carbide rods into tool blanks for fluting and finish grinding. Cuts to length, prepoints, and chamfers. Also does cuts only, chamfer only, or cuts and chamfers.

The machine makes carbide blanks that are ready for finish tool grinding. It is ideal for cutting tool manufacturers that want to make tools from a blank that is already pre-pointed and chamfered. The machine is easy to setup and runs unattended.

Prepoint and chamfer angles can be generated through interpolation. The parts are held in place by two collets and the part is transferred from the cut and prepoint collet to the chamfer collet by a separate transfer device. A gripper deposits the completed piece into the collection basket.

Six easy steps to setup:

  1. Adjust the loader fingers.
  2. Install the correct collet and rod guides.
  3. The feeder V tray height is automatically adjusted.
  4. Install proper wheels for prepointing, cut-off, and chamfering.
  5. Setup pick-and-place unloader.
  6. Setup or recall from memory the runtime program in the controller.

Machine Benefits

Round cutting blanks ready for finish grinding

Reduce time in finish tool grinder

CNC automated controls combines three processes into a single machine to save cycle time and labor

Inventory reduction: Raw rod of diameters needed, but not for specific lengths

Greater flexibility: Form tool blanks to match orders from blank rod

Reduced material cost: Use blank rod to make order-specific blanks


Standard Features

CNC controller with user-friendly touch screen for programming/ parameter setting, and a pause program for parts inspection

Servo motor with four axis Servo control

Parts basket drawer can be opened without stopping machine to access finished parts for inspection and/or removal

Raw rod end locator stop to minimize end waste

CBN plated wheels (wheel position can be varied)
Prepoint/Chamfering angles: 60º–135º included angle
Use 30º wheel for 60º–90º included angle
Use 45º wheel for 90º–135º included angle

Automatic loader with part presence sensor, finger adjustment, and ball bearings to prevent more than one rod loading
Diameter range: 1/8″–1″ (3mm–25mm)
Length range: 4″–23.5″ (100mm–600mm)

Automatic unloader
Diameter range: 1/8″–1″ (3mm–25mm)
Length range: 1″–13″ (80mm–330mm)