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Applications Served

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Applications Served

Rush Machinery provides top-quality wheel dressing and truing products to meet customers’ machining needs. Our wheel and truing machinery is cost-effective, accurate, and easy to operate. With two pairs of angular contact bearings for rotary table pivots, quick-change spindle options, and adapters, our grinding wheel dressers can meet the requirements of any CNC or non-CNC grinding machine. The dressing and truing machines from Rush Machinery are made for truing and dressing flats, radii, and angles on CBN and diamond single wheels, and wheel packs.

Rush Machinery has been a leading provider of grinding machines since 1983. Our drill and tool grinders are used for application-specific purposes, such as sharpening drill bit points and cutting tools. Both drill grinders and tool grinders are available in various sizes and power options to accommodate a wide range of industry needs. Learn more about the applications served by our wheel truing and dressing machines and drill and tool grinders.


Rush Machinery provides an extensive line of quality truing, dressing, and grinding machines to many industries.


Rush Machinery’s machines can create accurate, repeatable profiles for parts such as landing gear wheels. This ensures precise alignment and minimal vibration during landing and takeoff. Aerospace companies also use our machines to dress and true wheels for military aircraft, commercial airplanes, and spacecraft. Our machinery can also dress wheels that can be used for the creation of jet engine turbines and precise drill bits.


Our machines can true, grind, and dress wheels to be used to manufacture crankshafts for the automotive industry. When using a grinding wheel dresser to regrind a crankshaft, it is essential to reproduce the original corner radii to prevent crankshaft weakening.

Cutting Tool & Grinding Wheel Manufacturers and Regrinders

Rush Machinery provides products to manufacturers and regrinders to help produce precise and accurate sharpened tools, cutting edges, and grinding wheels. Over time, grinding wheels become worn out and need attention, requiring knowledgeable experts to dress or refurbish the grinder wheel.

Medical Implants

The medical industry relies on our wheel truing and dressing machines to create accurate profiles of implants that help reduce complication risks and improve patient outcomes. Rush Machinery provides CBN and diamond wheels for cutting, grinding, and polishing parts for prosthetics, orthopedic joint replacements, trauma implants, and hip joint implants.

Medical, Surgical, & Dental Tools

The medical industry also uses dressed diamond grinding wheels to produce precise cutting edges on surgical blades, dental instruments, and other tools. A grinding wheel is commonly used to shape many of the devices found in operating rooms and doctors’ offices because of the precise sizing and detail the wheel provides, improving the accuracy and effectiveness of medical procedures. The plated diamond wheel and other CBN tools bridge the gap between traditional skills and new technology in the medical field.

Raw Material Manufacturers

Many grinding and machining operations use grinding wheels. The tool is designed for precision, featuring thousands of cutting points on its surface that consist of diamond or CBNe grain layers bonded to the wheel. At Rush Machinery, our grinding wheels are typically dressed with silicon carbide or aluminum oxide.

Contact Rush Machinery for Quality Wheel Dressing and Truing Machinery

Many industries use wheel dressing machines to create precise products that meet application-specific needs. Rush Machinery offers the ideal solution for wheel truing and dressing requirements across medical, aerospace, automotive, and other manufacturing applications. Our CBN and diamond grinding wheel dressers are compatible with CNC and non-CNC grinding machines to create precise cutting edges and points for different tools and equipment.

As an industry leader in grinding wheel dressing and truing machines, Rush Machinery serves a wide range of applications with reliable solutions. Combined with our exclusive RushVision software, our machines ensure an accurate result for your specific application. Contact us to discuss your unique needs and how our experts can help.