Series FC-300 Rush Grinding Fluid Filtration Systems

  • The Rush FC-300 series Grinding Fluid Filtration Systems filter grinding oils to a 1-micron particle size using edge filtration technology. Designed to
    integrate with most grinding, lapping, and honing machines in use today, the Rush FC-300 systems provide continuous filtration automatic backflush, and clean fluid on demand to your machines. These automatic systems eliminate the need to change cartridge filters or clean settling tanks.
  • An optional cooling system can be incorporated to ensure a consistent grinding oil temperature.
  • The oil filtration systems incorporate one or more filter vessels, each containing 61 filter elements. Each element has approximately 9,000 special
    paper discs held together under spring compression. Oil is pumped through the element, with all particles over 1-
    micron in size being trapped on the outside edge of the discs.


System Features
  • –  Provides 1-micron particle filtration for improved surface finish
  • –  Extends the life of grinding fluid and wheels
  • –  Increases grinding efficiencies and reduces cycle times
  • –  Recovers materials for reclamation
  • –  Reduces machine maintenance
  • –  Customized systems designed to fit your machines and floor layout
  • –  Single, multiple, and centralized configurations available
  • –  Compatible with mineral and synthetic oils
  • –  Recommended viscosity range: 37–58 SUS (3.6–10cSt) at 100ºF
  • –  Systems available for use with carbide, HSS, stainless steel and more
Optional Accessories
  • –  Refrigerated cooling systems (sized to match the system)
  • –  Pre-filters for removing steel swarf when filtering steel or a mix of
  •     carbide and steel. They can be equipped with magnetic rods for even
        greater efficiency.
  • –  Drum-type magnetic separators and maintenance-free automatic pre-
        filters are available for removing larger volumes of 
    steel swarf.

    –  Pumps available to match any flow and pressure requirements

    –  Point of use compressed air dryer