RushVision Software

A proven dedication to service, quality, and innovation has made Rush Machinery an industry leader since 1983. We offer practical, innovative, and high-quality products to help people save money and time. We develop and service a wide range of support and production machinery for businesses that employ CBN and diamond wheels and operate with hard materials such as carbide.

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Rush Vision Software

What is RushVision Software?

RushVision software makes the truing and dressing of super-abrasive wheel/wheel pack preparation simple and customizable. This software assists with high-tolerance and high precision work and aids the truing of complex wheel profiles with radii reaching up to 50 millimeters in diameter (2 in.). The software is equipped with standard wheel profile templates for the most commonly used wheel profiles. Users can utilize CAD imports by networked PC or USB connection to import custom or proprietary wheel profiles.


Benefits of Using RushVision Software

Rushvision software offers many benefits to Rush machinery users, including:

  • Easy to access: Clients who do not require password security can have their passwords disabled.
  • Improved image quality: In addition to the monochrome CCD, RushVision also uses a color CCD. A great bonus when running RushVision on PCD.
  • Enhanced magnification: RushVision has a range of zoom levels each with separate focus and zoom adjustments. It also has two high magnification settings reaching 30X – 180X. The software is also compatible with Navitar’s motorized zoom lens.
  • Enhanced brightness: RushVision reduces the need for manual lighting adjustments due to the brightness controls programmed for every zoom level.
  • Translated: RushVision offers numerous languages and the flexibility to include more as needed. Language options are found in a dropdown menu to allow users to quickly change languages.


Wheel Truing and Dressing Upgraded with RushVision Software

Wheel Truing and Dressing Machines

Wheel truing produces a smooth outer edge of the wheel while dressing follows the truing process to sharpen the diamond grit by separating the bond material from the wheel and breaking the abrasive grit to expose fresh, sharp edges. It removes any loading substances from the wheel’s cutting sides and face allowing it to run true to the rotational axis and produce excellent flat or round output.


RushVision Software Capabilities

RushVision’s capabilities include:

  1. Can import CAD files of wheel profiles using licensed AutoDesk software
  2. Overlays CAD generated drawings on live video
  3. Customizable views: three standard optical zoom levels (10X, 30X, 60X) and one digital zoom level (90X)
  4. Camera controls can be optimized for the specific environment 
  5. DraftSight 2-D CAD software is included to enable the user to create wheel profiles within RushVision
  6. Offers a range of drawing functions such as line, tracer, point, arc, set origin, move origin
  7. Helps the user center the camera on the swivel C-axis of the machine
  8. Zeroes the X and/or Y-axis current position to help the workpiece wheel move a measured amount
  9. Can calibrate and align the camera’s center to the machine’s center swivel C-axis manually
  10. Call AutoView drives to home position – centered on the C-axis
  11. Axis alignment – Stepper motor realignment of the camera center to the machine C-axis swivel center
  12. Zoom window – Required for radii larger than 0.250″ (6.4 mm) and/or close tolerance requirements.


Benefits of Working with RushVision Software On Rush machines

Equipped with auto-zooming capabilities, this software offers magnifying levels of 10x – 60x as the standard and a system of high magnification with magnifying levels of 30x – 120x as an option. This allows for continuous optical inspection throughout the manufacturing process.

Rush Machinery specializes in the service, marketing, and manufacturing of a complete array of cutting tool support and production machines such as wheel truing and dressing.


Models with RushVision

  • Rush Wheel Truing and Dressing Machines  FC-250W, FC-250EX, FC-350W, FC-350EX, FC-700W, FC-700EX
  • Rush PCD Grinders FC-200D, FC-300D, FC-500D 
  • Max Engineering EX50, EX70, EX80
  • GIDCO/3M E226, E228, E339
  • Geiger
  • Kirner

RushVision assists with high-tolerance, high-precision work, and truing complicated structures and circles up to two inches in diameter (50 millimeters). This configurable and simple-to-use software considerably simplifies the truing and dressing process. Please contact us for further information.