Blank Prep Machines Overview

Rush Machinery specializes in providing machinery for cutting tool manufacturers that use CBN and diamond wheels and handle carbide and other high-hardness materials.

A blank preparation machine produces or modifies tool blanks, which are pieces of material used to create final tools. Rush Machinery’s blank prep machines can process carbide or high-speed steel rod tool blanks with efficiency and accuracy. Here you’ll find more information about the blank prep machines we offer.

Cut-Prepoint-Chamfer Machines

Our Cut-Prepoint-Chamfer Machine is a machine that is specifically designed to cut, prepoint, and chamfer full-length carbide rods into tool blanks. It’s perfect for manufacturers who need custom tool blanks for finishing grinding and fluting. The blank prep machine is simple to set up and can run continuously without supervision.

The Cut-Prepoint-Chamfer Machine has two collets that hold the part in place during operation. The part is chamfered, cut, and prepointed, after which an automatic unloading arm grabs the finished part and deposits it into a collection basket.

Wheel Truing and Dressing Machines

Chamfer Machines

This machine automates the process of chamfering high-speed steel or carbide rod tool blanks. It can handle rod sizes of ⅛” to 1” in diameter and 1-½” to 7” in length. It has a manual loading capacity of up to 1-¼” in diameter and 10-¼” in length. The Chamfer Machine has a magazine loader that enables the machine to operate without supervision for extended periods, allowing operators to focus on other tasks.

Automatic Cut-Off Machines

The “Auto-Cut” Cut-Off Machine is an automated production machine that cuts carbide or high-speed steel rods or tools into precise lengths. It has a large capacity magazine and an automatic loader, allowing for hours of unsupervised operation. The benefits of using this type of machine include decreased manual labor, improved accuracy, and faster production times.

At Rush Machinery, we have two types of automatic cut-off machines:

  • Single-Rod Automatic Cut-Off Machine: Also known as the Auto-Cut, the Single-Rod Automatic Cut-Off Machine has a diameter capacity between 0.055” (1.4 mm) and 1.575” (40 mm) and a length capacity of 3.150” (80 mm) to 16.535” (420 mm). With these features, the machine can double your output for cutting hardened steel and carbide rods compared to manual cut-off machines. The machine is also able to cut off tool ends.
  • Two-Rod Automatic Cut-Off Machine: Also known as the 2 Rod Auto-Cut, this machine has a diameter capacity of 0.079” (2 mm) to 0.787” (20 mm) and a length capacity of up to 15-¾” (400 mm). Compared to manual cut-off machines, the Two-Rod Automatic Cut-Off Machine can quadruple the output rate for cutting hardened steel and carbide rods.

Semi-Automatic Cut-Off Machines

The Semi-Automatic Cut-Off Machine is a blank preparation and/or tool end cutoff for regrinding machine that cuts or deburrs the ends of carbide rods and tools for easier processing. Below are the two types of semi-automatic cut-off machines we carry:

  • Easy-Cut: The Easy-Cut Machine is fully enclosed and PLC-controlled, with hydraulic feed cutting strokes and air-actuated workpiece holding. It also includes a water-resistant LED work light and flood coolant system. The machine is perfect for high-speed steel and carbide and has a diameter capacity between ⅛” (3.175 mm) and 1-¼” (31.75 mm).
  • Easy-Cut XL: The Easy-Cut XL Semi-Automatic Cut-Off Machine quickly and easily cuts carbide stock up to 2” x 4”. The machine can also cut tool ends and rods with diameters of ⅛” to 2”. Featuring a fully enclosed design, the semi-automatic machine offers either manual or semi-automatic operation.

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