Cut-Off Machines

Rush Machinery is a leading manufacturer of CNC cut-off machinery for cutting carbide, hardened steel, and HSS rod and tool ends. Our unique cut-off machines offer various features, such as automatic loaders, automatic CNC controls, and 2-axis servo motors.


The “Auto-Cut” Cut-Off Machine is designed to automatically cut carbide and HSS rods into precision lengths. It’s ideal for cutting tool manufacturers and carbide rod processors, thanks to its large capacity magazine and automatic loader that allows for hours of unsupervised operation. This production machine, with over 500+ machines worldwide, is a reliable and efficient option for those looking to cut carbide rods with precision and ease.

2 Rod Auto-Cut

The 2-Rod CNC Auto-Cut is another option for cutting carbide rods with precision. This production machine cuts two rods at once and has a large capacity magazine and automatic loader, which can significantly increase the production rate for cutting carbide and hardened steel rods when compared with manual cut-off machines. The easy-to-use CNC controls with a touch screen operator interface make it easy to set parameters quickly for rod length and diameter. This auto machine is an excellent option for those looking for increased production and precision.

CH-CM0206 Auto-Cut


The Easy-Cut is used by cutting tool manufacturers and regrind shops to provide a safe, effective way of cutting carbide and HSS rods and tools. This machine is designed to be easy to use and provides excellent results. The Easy-Cut tool is a reliable option for those who need to cut carbide and HSS rods and tools on a regular basis.

ECM-SA-01 Easy-Cut

Easy-Cut XL

The Easy-Cut XL has all the great features of the Easy-Cut but adds a 5HP motor to cut through solid carbide up to 2″ x 4″. It can also cut round rods and tools. The Easy-Cut XL is an excellent option for those looking to cut solid carbide with precision and ease.

Easy-Cut XL

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Cut Off Machines

Standard Features

Our cut-off machines are designed to offer precision cutting solutions for a variety of industrial applications. All of our cut-off machines are built with high-quality materials and advanced technology to ensure reliable and consistent performance. Standard features across our range of machines include:

  • Full enclosure
  • Convenient, easy-to-use controls
  • Flood coolant system

Additionally, the Auto-Cut and 2-Rod Auto-Cut machines feature automatic feeding and cutting capabilities, while the Easy-Cut and Easy-Cut XL machines are designed for efficient semi-automatic or manual operation.

Optional Features

Our cut-off machines offer a range of optional features to help businesses tailor their cutting solutions to their specific needs. Optional features include:

  • Mist collection
  • 30 gallon coolant system
  • Fire suppression

The small tool loader option gives the Auto-Cut the capability to cut tool ends off. The small loader allows tools to be loaded using the automatic loader, and the adjustable clamping fingers give the Auto-Cut the capability to clamp onto the shank of the tool.

These optional features can improve cutting precision, increase efficiency, and enhance safety in the workplace.

Top Quality Cut-Off Machines From Rush Machinery

Rush Machinery’s cut-off machines offer reliable, efficient, and precise cutting options for carbide, hardened steel, and HSS rod and tool ends. These machines are designed to make cutting easier and more efficient, with features such as automatic loaders and CNC controls. If you’re looking for a reliable and efficient way to cut carbide or HSS rods and tools, Rush Machinery’s cut-off machines are an excellent option.