Air Bearing End Mill Grinding Fixture


The Air Bearing Endmill Grinding Fixture allows precision sharpening of endmills, reamers, shell mills and other cutters. The spindle is supported with a thin film of air providing nearly frictionless motion, resulting in a smooth, even grind. The fixture quickly mounts on Models 132C, 250A, 252, 380 or 382S grinders, or is available with a universal base to fit most tool and cutter or surface grinders.

Machine Features

Hard chrome plated and ground spindle with a 10″ stroke. Tools are held by 5-C or 5-ST collets or extension bushings for up to 2″ (50 mm) shanks.

Flute finger has dovetail crossfeed and micrometer vertical adjustment.

Direct angle settings for up to 20 degrees for the O.D., 360 degrees for rotation, and +/- 30 degrees for tilt.

Rocker arm tilts fixture away for easy movement from one flute to the next.

Grinds the O.D. of any number of flutes and includes 12-position index plate (others available) for end grinding.

Unique micrometer infeed built into fixture that allows for fine-feeding of the tool into the wheel. Graduated in 0.001″ (or 0.04 mm) of diameter.