Black Diamond Parts

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11225Drill Holder Assembly w/ 3/4″ Master Collet$650.00
1AFACA0000Web Splitting Assembly$690.00
1AFCA00002Dust Plug Assembly-Web #3$39.00
1AFPB00000Drill Holder Assembly with 9/16″ Master Collet #3$650.00
1AFPB00001Handwheel and Draw-In Spindle Assembly$165.00
1AFPB00002Wing Cam Assembly w/Set Screws$375.00
1AFSP00002Dust Plug Assembly – Drill Stand #3$39.00
1AFTH00000Locator Assembly -HSS$882.00
1AFTP00000Locator Assembly – Cobalt$882.00
21148Felt Washer for Dust Plugs$13.00
216599/16″ OD Bushing </= 1/2″ /12.5 mm & Letter & Numbers$32.00
216603/4″ OD Bushing >1/2″/12.5 mm$36.00
2AFCA11300Web Splitter Sleeve Assembly$159.00
2AFPB22800Spindle, 1-1/8″ OD$195.00
2AFPB231009/16″ Master Collet #3$225.00
2AFPB2320047/64″ Master Collet$145.00
2AFPB239003/4″ Master Collet$145.00
2AFSP30200Pivot Pin$21.00
2AFSP30500Clearance Cam Screw$13.00
2AFSP30600Taper Pin$45.00
2AFSP30900Clearance Cam-Std. HSS$159.00
2AFSP31500Clearance Cam – Cobalt (LESS)$159.00
2AFSP31800Sleeve – 1-1/8″ ID$85.00
2AFSP31900Swinging Arm #3$325.00
2AFSP37800Clearance Cam – Parabolic (MORE)$159.00
2AFTC02100Triple Locator Mount$128.00
2AFTH26800Locator Bit #68$100.00
2AFTH26900Locator Bit #69$100.00
2AFTH27000Locator Bit #70$100.00
2AFTH27100Locator Bit #71$100.00
2AFTH27200Locator Bit #72$100.00
2AFTH27300Locator Bit #73$100.00
3AFET00900Cover Plate – Cobalt (Blue)$14.00
3AFET01000Cover Plate – Parabolic (Red)$14.00
3AFET28900Cover Plate HSS – Black$14.00
3TAMV29300Spring-Drill Stand$17.00
P0BP1980-1Replate charge for CBN wheel$295.00
P0BP1982-1RReplate charge for CBN wheel – Medium grit$295.00
P0BP1985-1Replate charge for BP1985 CBN Wheel$295.00
P0DP1981-1Replate Charge for BP1981 Diamond Wheel$295.00
P0DP1983-1Replate Charge for PB1983 Diamond Wheel$295.00
P0MG02Magnifier for Standard Incandescent Lamp – 2x magnification$70.00