380 Compound Table Assembly

Quick ViewImageNameSummaryPriceBuy
P04065Screw, Gib Take Up$12.00
P04066Screw, Soc. Head Cap (M5 x 25)$1.00
P04067aGib, Tapered Slide-Infeed 380/382S$75.00
P04068aCasting, Center Slide 380/382S *Available only as part of P04184
P04069Gib, Tapered Slide-Traverse$79.00
P04071aCasting, Slide Base 380/382S *Available only as part of P04184
P04072See P01743 for Model 250, P01703 for Model 380
P04074Key, Infeed Lead Screw$6.00
P04076Screw, Socket Head Cap (M5 x 18)$2.00
P04077See P04079
P04079Traverse Lead Screw, w/Nut P04077$195.00
P04080Key, Traverse Lead Screw$6.00
P04082Set-Bearing w/ (2) Thrust Washers,10mm$19.00
P04083End Plate$44.00
P04084Screw, Soc. Hd. Cap$2.00
P04086Feed Dial .002″ Grad. (Trav)$58.00
P04087Spring, Feed Dial$5.00
P04089Hand Wheel – Traverse Feed$95.00
P04091Nut, Elastic Lock$7.00
P04092Handle, Hand Wheel$19.00
P04093Screw, Button Head Hex. Soc.$2.00
P04094Infeed Cover/slide, Accordion Dust$95.00
P04096Screw, Soc. Hd. Cap$2.00
P04097Support, Lead Screw$95.00
P04102aSee P04089
P04105aSee P04092
P04121Drive Pin
P04150Screw, Soc. Hd. Cap$2.00
P04152Oil Cup, Angle$12.00
P04153Plate – Reference Line$3.00
P04154See P01703 – Lead Screw w/ Nut (P04072)
P04155Feed Dial (.001″ Grad)$45.00
P04156Rear Way Cover$32.00
P04157Cross Slide Way Cover (Lower)$32.00
P04158Cross Slide Way Cover (Upper)$38.00
P04162Casting Traverse Slide *Available only as part of P04107
P04341Socket Head Cap Screw (M6x35)$2.00
P08054Block, Stop Hinge
P08055Traverse Button$15.00
P08056Hinge Bar
P08057Knurled Screw (3/8-16 x 3)
P08058Knurled Nut (3/8-16)
P08059Dowel Pin .25 x 1 3/4