380 Grinding Head & Column Assembly

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P01045Screw, Hex Soc. Cap M5x10$2.00
P01707UJoint, Rubber Coupling – H.D. Urethane$29.00
P04002Screw, Hex Hd. (M10 x 25)$2.00
P04003Washer, Lock M10$2.00
P04009Screw, Soc. Hd. Cap (M4 x 12)$2.00
P04010Flange, Ring (Motor Slide)$18.00
P04012Cast, Grinding Head$428.00
P04013Nut, Hex (M10)$1.00
P04014Washer, Lock (M10)$1.00
P04015Bolt, T-Head 3/8″ x 1-1/2″$15.00
P04016Screw, Hex Soc. Hd. Cap (M6x20)$2.00
P04025Screw, Knurled Hd.$12.00
P04028Washer, Spring Bearing$6.00
P04029Flange, Ring (Whl. Slide) w/Instr.$25.00
P04030Screw, Hex Socket Flat Head – (M4 x 10)$2.00
P04036Nut, Hex – Spindle – Straight Spindle Only$15.00
P04037Washer, Lock$1.00
P04038Screw, Hex Socket Head Cap$2.00
P04039Casting, vert. column$428.00
P04040Screw, Hex Soc. Hd. Cap$2.00
P04041See P04048 – Nut w/Lead Screw
P04042Casting, Vert. Slide$184.00
P04043Casting, Screw Nut Block$45.00
P04044Screw, Hex Soc. Hd. Cap$2.00
P04045Gib. Taper, Vertical Slide (.498R6)$65.00
P04046Screw, Special Slotted Gib$9.00
P04047Screw, Hex$2.00
P04048Screw, Vertical Lead w/Nut (P04041)$149.00
P04049Key Shaft – Vertical Screw$2.00
P04050Plate, Vertical Slide End$32.00
P04051Washer, Lock$1.00
P04052Screw, Hex Soc. Hd. Cap$2.00
P04054Screw, Hex Soc. Hd. Cap$2.00
P04056Bearing, Ball Thrust w/Washers$39.00
P04057Ring, Spacer$11.00
P04058Wheel, Vertical Crank$70.00
P04059Washer, Flat$1.00
P04060Nut, Hex Elastic Stop$5.00
P04062Spindle, Crank Handle w/ P04061 & P04063 Screw, Hex Soc. Hd. Cap. Hand$19.00
P04063See P04062 Screw, Hex Soc. Hd. Cap. Hand
P04075Set-Bearing w/ (2) Thrust Washers, 12mm$19.00
P04111Bearing Ball (P06205)
P04118Housing Hinged Cover Wheel Guard$184.00
P04119See P04118 – Cover Wheel Guard
P04120Key, Motor End (5 mm)$10.00
P04121Drive Pin
P04122Plate, Reference Line$7.00
P04123Screw, Hex Soc. Hd. Cap$2.00
P04124Air Def. Wheel Guard w/ P04128 Mounting Block$50.00
P04125See P04120 – Key, Motor End (5 mm)
P04127Nameplate, Safety$5.00
P04128See P04124 – Mounting Block
P04129Screw, Hex Soc. Hd. Cap$1.00
P04131Angle Scale$18.00
P04132Plate, Reference Line$7.00
P04133Scale Spindle Height$14.00
P04136Motor 1 HP. 230/460V 3 Phase$650.00
P04137Cover, Flap, Lower Vertical$18.00
P04138Cover, Accordion Upper Vertical$95.00
P04139Ball Bearing, Double Row$135.00
P04140Shaft Grinding (Taper Nose)$250.00
P04142Spacer for In-Between Grinding Wheels
P0BF01Balancing Flange – Must be used with taper hubs to allow balancing$79.00

Standard Main Grinding Wheel – 46 Grit Aluminum Oxide & Ceramic Blend

P0TH07Hub, Grinding Wheel