382S Work Head Assembly

Quick ViewImageNameSummaryPriceBuy
P01002Handle, Workhead Base$19.00
P01005Screw, Machine-Way Wiper$2.00
P01011Set Screw$2.00
P01014Ball, Register Pin w/Handle$16.00
P01015Lockout Register Pin$25.00
P01016Rod, Locking Handle$9.00
P01017Nut, Oscillation Lock$35.00
P01018Ball, Locking Handle$10.00
P01028Screw, Soc. Hd. Cap M5x25$2.00
P01029Pivot Block$15.00
P01030Pivot Pin$9.00
P01036Bushing, Register Pin$19.00
P01038Screw, Flat Hd. Hex Soc.$2.00
P01041Bearing, Radial Needle (16×12)$19.00
P01042Brg. Housing-Flanged Bushing$19.00
P01045Screw, Hex Soc. Cap M5x10$2.00
P01046Dowel, Spring Pin-1/8″$2.00
P01049Race, Thrust Bearing (20mm)$6.00
P01050Thrust Bearing-Cam Shaft (20mm)$15.00
P01051Needle Bearing Shaft (20 x 16mm)$19.00
P01057Bearing, Cam Follower$25.00
P01058Brg., Pin M6x14mm$5.00
P01061Screw, Drive No. 2$2.00
P01062Pointer, Relief Setting$5.00
P01063ALatch Block$39.00
P01064Screw, Soc. Hd. Cap$2.00
P01065Latch Pin$5.00
P01066Lever Arm$9.00
P01067Latch, Index$25.00
P01068Spring, Detent Plunger$8.00
P01069Bushing, Plunger$45.00
P01070Detent Plunger$30.00
P01094Screw, Soc. Hd. Cap (M5 X 18)$2.00
P01095Screw, Soc. Hd. Cap (M6 X 16)$2.00
P01096Washer, Flat (M6 Hd. – Set of 2)$2.00
P01097Swivel Block-Pt Setting Mount$39.00
P01099Thumb Screw (M5 X 12)$9.00
P01260Set Screw$2.00
P01261Locating Pin – Point Setting Blade$12.00
P01262Cover Washer – Setting Blade Asby Brgs.$12.00
P01263Washer/Race, Thrust, Setting Blade (10mm)$5.00
P01264Bearing, Thrust Setting Blade (10mm)$12.00
P01265O’Ring Seal – Point Setting Blade Assembly$6.00
P01266Spacer Pt. Set. (Old)$18.00
P01273Grease Fitting$6.00
P03002Chuck Key for Models 380/382$19.00
P03003Screw. Soc. Hd. Cap 3/8-16×3 3/16$3.00
P03005 Thrust Ring$195.00
P03008Dust Seal$30.00
P03013Rotolin Bearing$295.00
P03014Spring, Spindle$77.00
P03015Gear, Spindle w/ P03157 TH. Ring$195.00
P03033Thrust Race, Spindle (100mm)$69.00
P03034Thrust, Bearing, Spindle (100mm)$165.00
P03040Gear, Idler$75.00
P03049Thrust Race, Spindle (110mm)$81.00
P03050Thrust, Bearing Spindle (110mm)$275.00
P03055Oscillation Bar$65.00
P03078Bushing, Main Spindle$275.00
P03086Bearing, Thrust-Pivot Post (50mm)$39.00
P03087Race, Thrust Bearing – Pivot Post (50mm)$15.00
P03095Post, Pt. Setting Blade$47.00
P03097Pt. Setting Blade Mount$65.00
P03150Bearing Cover$85.00
P03151Ring Bearing Cover$30.00
P03152Pivot Clamp Tubes (*Set)$29.00
P03154Workhead Base$450.00
P03155Pin, Locating$18.00
P03156Handle, Locating Pin$11.00
P03158See P03160-Scraper, Way Elastomer
P03159 Clamp, Way Scraper (L.H.)$6.00
P03160Scraper, Way Elastomer – 2 1/2″$6.00
P03161Clamp, Way Scraper (R.H.)$6.00
P03162Nut, Spanner Lock – Pivot Post$19.00
P03163Spacer, Pivot Post Bearing$19.00
P03164Pivot Post$99.00
P03165Screw, Soc. Hd. Cap – Workhead Cover$2.00
P03166O’Ring Seal, Pivot Post$6.00
P03167Snap Ring, Pivot Post$3.00
P03168Set Screw$1.00
P05009Screw, Gear to Spindle$1.00
P05029Stylus – 5.3mm$19.00
P05032Stud, Lockout Pin Handle$8.00
P05038Set Screw, Drive Gear$2.00
P05041Crank Block$35.00
P05045Block, Register Pin Mount$88.00
P05046Stud, Locking$16.00
P05047Spacer Bushing$15.00
P05048Shaft, Cam w/P05039 Pin$115.00
P05051Screw, Socket Head Cap$2.00
P05066Universal Joint$116.00
P05092See P01083 – Lever, Relief Plate
P05094Screw, Socket Head Cap – M5 x 25$2.00
P05105Bushing, Pivot Post$75.00
P05111Spindle, Workhead$695.00
P05112Chuck – 3.25 – 6 Jaws for Models 380/382S$1,295.00
P05201Lever, Cam Follower$135.00
P05205See P05211-Cover, Main Housing
P05206Cam Follower Bearing Fork (Cam 1)$49.00
P05207Cam Follower Bearing Fork (Cam 2)$49.00
P05208Gear, Large Cam$125.00
P05209Shaft, Large Cam$135.00
P05210Screw, Socket Head Cap$2.00
P05211Main Hous. Grea. Fit for Model 382 w/P05205$1,900.00
P0BL80Replacement Point Setting Blade for Models 380/382$95.00