Model FC-300D

Machine Highlights

–  Hand Button for Rapid Infeed and Feed Back
–  Quick Clamping Fixture
–  Swivel Table with Electronic Brake System
–  Infeed Handle
–  Wheel Position Control by Motor
–  Oscillation Stroke Control by Motor


Both the Model FC-200D and the Model FC-500D feature a unique video optical system with 15x–120x zoom magnification and a black and white video monitor. This system provides a higher magnification and/or a larger field of view than most machine-
mounted optical comparator systems. In addition, the video camera moves with the worktable for easy set-up and for inspection during and after grinding. Their rigid construction and a 3-HP variable speed grinding spindle allow for vibration-free
grinding and fast stock removal.

The Model FC-500D is a larger, more versatile machine than the FC-200D. In addition to all of the capabilities of the Model FC-200D, the Model FC-500D features vertical grinding spindle travel, a wheel travel range of 500 mm and an oscillation stroke of 70mm. The Model FC-500D is also designed for grinding reamers, drills, end mills, and multi-step form tools.


Standard Accessories
  • –  Two halogen lights (12V)

    –  Coolant system including a 30-liter tank without filter

    –  Quick-clamping fixture

    –  Shape tool stand including four pieces: 13, 16, 20, and 26mm

    –  Splash protection shield with magnetic stand

    –  Optical linear scale with digital display counter
    (0.001mm increments)

    –  TV camera with 17″ LCD monitor scope with zoom system
    adjustable from 15x–120x magnification

    –  High performance swiveling angle reader
    (0.05 degree increments)

    –  Grinding wheel spindle with variable speed (1000–4000 RPM)

Design Features
  • –  One-piece cast iron base provides extra rigidity and minimizes vibration.

  • –  The cross slide and longitudinal slides are mounted with Schneeberger type N and O heavy duty & precision linear slide guides for accuracy and life.

  • –  Grinding the primary cutting edge. Tip radius and secondary cutting edge without changing setup.

  • –  Heavy duty swivel table pivots on 4-piece precision angular contact bearings.

  • –  The oscillation is adjustable in position, stroke, and frequency.

  • –  CCD camera with LCD monitor and precision scale for easy setup & inspection during the grinding operation.

  • –  Zoom system adjusts from 15x–120x magnification so that even a 0.02mm radius can be ground and inspected.