Easier to access: RushVision 2.5 has the ability to disable passwords for customers who do not need password protection.

Improved image quality: RushVision 2.5 can utilize a color CCD as well as the original monochrome CCD. This is a good addition when using RushVision 2.5 on the PCD.

Enhanced magnification: Ability to use the powered zoom lens by Navitar. Each zoom level will have its own zoom and focal adjustment. Two high magnification options provide up to 30x – 180x.

Enhanced brightness: Each zoom level has its own brightness control programmed in so less manual lighting adjustments are needed.

Translations: RushVision 2.5 features more languages, along with the ability to easily add more languages to the software as needed. A drop-down list from the menu allows user to easily change languages at any point during production.

Windows friendly: Ability to work with both Windows 7 and Windows 10 operating system.

One year warranty.


Software Features

AutoDesk licensed software imports any CAD file of your wheel profiles (.dxf or .dwg)

Video overlay (CAD generated drawing overlaid on live video image)

Camera View Commands:
Zoom – Limits, All
View 3 Optical Zoom Levels and 1 Digital Zoom Level
Standard: Optical – 15x, 30x, 60x, Digital 90x. Customizable.
Control Panel – optimize camera controls for specific environment

CAD Capabilities
DraftSight 2-D CAD drawing for creating wheel profiles in a CAD environment
Drawing Functions: Tracer, Line, Arc, Point, Move Origin, Set Origin, Note
Standard Wheel Forms: 1F1, 1V1, 1E1, 4Y1, Drill Forms

Centering of camera to machine swivel axis
Axis alignment – Key for dressing radii

Axes metrology – Workpiece location
Zero the X and/or Y axis current position to assist the movement of the workpiece wheel a measured amount

RushVision System Management
Manually align the center of the camera to the center of the machine

Auto-View Software Features (OPTION)
Call Auto-View drives to Home position – centered on C axis
Axis alignment – Stepper motor realignment of the camera center to the machine swivel center
Zoom window – required for radii larger than 0.250″ (6.4mm) and/or close tolerance requirements


Hardware Features

Industrial PC – Intel I3 Core Processor, 4GB RAM, 120GB Solid-State Hard Drive, DVDRW

USB 2.0 CCD, SXVGA, 1/3″ monochrome camera

18-108mm zoom with manual iris

Stepper motor driven zoom with control board interface

Auto-View Hardware Features (OPTION)
Stepper motor-driven positioning of camera to selected field of view
Control boards