Model 132C


  • The Model 132C incorporates versatility, rapid setup, and accuracy into a rugged and affordable machine. It has a 0.080″ (2mm) to 1.25″ (32mm) diameter capacity and it can grind tools with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 10 flutes. Our unique design features point splitting and web thinning capacity, which allows for quick grinding of almost any HSS or carbide drill point. The proper geometry for the application can maximize drilling performance to provide the lowest cost per hole. Step drills, taps, reamers, countersinks, and end mill ends are easily ground with minimal setup changes. In addition, the standard workhead can be exchanged in less than one minute with the optional air-bearing attachment for grinding end mill ODs.

Machine Features

Self-Centering 6-Jaw Chuck
Directional and Speed Valve Controls
Diamond and CBN Grinding Wheels

Heavy-Duty Cabinet Stand
Flood Coolant System
Halogen Work Lamp

Air-Bearing Fixture on Model 132C

  • Allows precision sharpening of end mills, reamers, shell mills, and other cutters. The spindle is supported with a thin film of air providing nearly
    frictionless motion, resulting in a smooth, even grind. The fixture quickly mounts on the Model 132C, 250A, 252, 380, or 382S grinders, or is available with a universal base to fit most tool and cutter or surface grinders.


  • Hard chrome-plated and ground spindle with a 10″ stroke. Tools are held in 5-C or 5-ST collets or extension bushings for up to 2″ (50mm) shanks.
    Flute finger has dovetail crossfeed and micrometer vertical adjustment. Direct angle settings for up to 20 degrees for the O.D., 360 degrees for
    rotation, and +/– 30 degrees for tilt.
  • Rocker arm tilts the fixture away for easy movement from one flute to the next. Grinds the O.D. of any number of flutes and includes a 12-position
    index plate (others available) for end grinding. A unique micrometer infeed is built into the fixture, which allow for fine-feeding of the tool into the
    wheel. It is graduated in 0.001″ (or 0.04mm) of diameter.

Semi-Automatic Version

  • The power-driven workhead of the semi-automatic version offers a quiet, smooth rotation of the workhead. Manual effort is reduced for heavier grinding and spin grinding operations. Spark out is allowed to occur by using a minimum of manual infeed along with a reduction in workhead rotation speed. The speed is controlled by a conveniently located valve; the adjacent four-way valve allows grinding in either direction. A hand knob on the workhead is used for indexing and setup.

Overhead Wheel Dresser

  • Timesaving option allow truing of the grinding wheel O.D. without changing the setup. (Not for use with Diamond or CBN wheels.)


  • Sealed linear bearing with hardened guide shafts–  Downfeed with ball detent in 0.001″ increments
  • Hardened downfeed screw with wiper seal
  • High-quality diamond included for truing standard and ceramic wheels

Replacement Grinding Wheels for Sale

  • For models 132C, 250A, or 252S: 7″ diameter, 1-1/4″ wide, recessed 5/8″, aluminum oxide/ceramic blend. Volume discounts apply.
  • P0MW5060        Standard main grinding wheel- 60 grit.
    P0MW5046        Main grinding wheel- 46 grit. Recommended for 1/2″ and larger drills only.
    P0MW50100      Main grinding wheel- 100 grit aluminum oxide. Recommended for small tap grinding.